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COVID Impact Report: Cybersecurity Edition Press Release

Washington, D.C.— [October 20, 2020] TDI Security has released an industry report on COVID-19’s Impact on Cybersecurity. The report explores the industry-wide challenges created by the rapid shift to remote work, malicious activity trends, which industries are most heavily impacted, changes to cybersecurity spending, and shifting priorities toward general IT support away from previous security initiatives in favor of support remote productivity. Available for download from the TDI and CnSight websites.

It’s hard to quantify the changes brought by COVID-19 on the cybersecurity industry, but this report is a crucial piece in our understanding,” stated Jesse Dean, VP of Solutions at TDI. He continues, “The historical challenges that continue facing the industry have been compounded by COVID-19, presenting yet another fire drill for security teams. Couple this with increased scrutiny over cybersecurity budgets and hard question around the value of its efforts, this presents an opportunity for how leaders think about and perform cybersecurity moving forward. It must be about ensuring the persistent and performant application of a right-sized cybersecurity program.”

The report covers:

• How organizations are managing higher levels of risk resulting from remote-work and pandemic-related malicious activity trends
• The most heavily targeted industries
• Organizational cybersecurity budget forecasting, and
• Cybersecurity hiring trends in response to the pandemic

These insights underscore the critical imperative that business and security leaders must have continuous and meaningful visibility into the performance of their cybersecurity investments.

About TDI

Founded in 2001, TDI has grown into a world-class consulting firm offering cybersecurity services and innovative solutions to government agencies and commercial clients around the world. Powered by TDI, CnSight is an innovative solution designed to provide previously unknown insights into risk through a continuous view into the effectiveness and consistency of an organization’s cybersecurity investments. Learn more at

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COVID-19 Impact Report


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