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Tracking Phishing Performance with CnSight

As technology continues to evolve and more business operations move online, cybersecurity threats have become a major concern for organizations of all sizes. Phishing attacks remain a significant threat, with cybercriminals using increasingly sophisticated tactics to trick employees into giving away sensitive information or downloading malware onto their devices. In fact, in last year’s Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), it found that 82% of all data breaches involved the human element—almost 70% of which is comprised of phishing attacks.  

To combat these threats, organizations need to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity and implement effective cybersecurity performance management strategies. In this blog post, we’ll explore how organizations can use Cybersecurity Performance Management (CPM)™, and CnSight’s phishing integrations specifically, to track their phishing performance and improve their overall cybersecurity posture. 

While phishing performance is only one piece of the puzzle in managing an effective and holistic cybersecurity program, it’s one of the most important. CnSight, when paired with all of the security tools you already have, brings everything together to increase organizational visibility and drive down systemic risk. 

What is CnSight? 

CnSight automates CPM at scale to address the biggest underlying pain point we see within the industry, a critical lack of visibility into the day-to-day cybersecurity performance of security teams. CnSight addresses this by aggregating security data on to a centralized platform, fed via integrations with tools you already use, to provide performance tracking metrics representative of your entire security posture. In the context of phishing performance, CnSight helps you track critical phishing metrics that have direct implications on your likelihood of compromise. 

CnSight is a practical implementation of Cybersecurity Performance Management, which is a framework to facilitate measuring, analyzing, and improving an organization’s cybersecurity posture. It’s a data-driven approach that allows organizations to track their performance against industry standards and benchmarks, identify weaknesses in policy and process, and implement targeted remediation efforts. 

By implementing CPM, organizations can: 

  • Monitor and measure their cybersecurity posture over time, 
  • Identify gaps in their security protocols, 
  • Prioritize remediation efforts based on risk, 
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements, and 
  • Improve their overall cybersecurity posture. 

How to Track Phishing Performance Using Cybersecurity Performance Management 

Phishing attacks are a pervasive threat to organizations of all sizes, and tracking phishing performance is essential to mitigating this risk. Here are some steps organizations can take to track their phishing performance using CnSight: 

Understand Cybersecurity Performance Indicators (CPIs) 

The first step in tracking phishing performance is to define key cybersecurity performance indicators that will be used to measure success. Some common KPIs for tracking phishing performance include: 

  • Phishing awareness training completion rates 
  • Phishing simulation results (e.g., click-through rates) 
  • Phishing email report rates 

By defining KPIs, organizations can better understand the performance of the most important functions of their day-to-day cybersecurity procedures.  

Establish a Performance Baseline 

The second step is to establish baseline performance. This snapshot of current performance provides a starting point for measuring progress and identifying areas that require improvement. 

For example, an organization might establish a baseline metric for phishing click-through rates by measuring the percentage of employees who fail phishing simulations by clicking links within the bogus email. This baseline metric can then be used to track progress over time. 

Chart an Actionable Path to your Goals 

With a solid understanding of your CPIs and a cybersecurity performance baseline, organizations can begin the hard work of systematically improving their cybersecurity performance. This involves regularly measuring and analyzing performance against established metrics to identify areas that require improvement. 

For example, if an organization’s phishing awareness training completion rates are consistently failing to meet organizational policy, it may indicate a need for process changes that will bring training completion rates closer to your goal. 

Implement Remediation Strategies 

Once areas that require improvement have been identified, organizations can implement remediation strategies to address them. These strategies may include additional training, changes to policies and procedures, or the implementation of new security technologies. 

By tracking the effectiveness of these remediation efforts, organizations can continuously improve their phishing performance and reduce the risk of successful phishing attacks.  

Phishing attacks remain a significant threat to organizations, but with governance, visibility, and the right strategies in place, organizations can effectively track their phishing performance and mitigate the risk of successful attacks. By defining KPIs, establishing baseline metrics, monitoring performance, and implementing targeted remediation strategies, organizations can improve their overall cybersecurity posture and protect against the ever-evolving threat of cybercrime. 

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